Vibrant Response 11.1 Exercise

Vibrant Response 11.1 Exercise
Image by The National Guard
The mock oil refinery at Muscatatuck Urban Training Complex in Butlerville, Ind., shoots flame over 20 feet into the early morning sky on Sunday, March 13th, as a mannequin waits to be rescued during Vibrant Response 11.1, a U.S. Northern Command homeland emergency response exercise which tests the capabilities of the nation’s emergency response network. (Indiana National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Brad Staggs)

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2 Responses to Vibrant Response 11.1 Exercise

  1. Draganov1 says:

    Terrific to example the Risk factor and make it through the test.

  2. apachecheynne says:

    Impeccable work of the photographer. I see more than the Risk, but also to note this picture provides something for the Arts as well.

    Impeccable capture!

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