Trainer Josh

Trainer Josh
Image by modelxing

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Nikon D300s
Nikon 85mm 1.4
64" PLM
Fitness Trainer

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6 Responses to Trainer Josh

  1. yuqiu2011 says:

    Wow! Bodybuilders!

  2. chiriacradu says:

    you have removed the man behind? nicely done, then.
    couldn’t you just wait for him to pass? 🙂

  3. DextDee says:

    very nicely done!!

  4. modelxing says:

    [] wait? no, time is money and waiting just meant more people would obstruct the shot. Was a busy place.

  5. chiriacradu says:

    [] you’re perfectly right. I was just thinking that you probably spent more time in photoshop than the time that will took for that guy to pass.

  6. modelxing says:

    [] yeah you’re right but it was only a 3 minute clone on this which was the best shot of this set I think. 🙂

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