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Top Shelf
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I really dig the Bookshelf Project Flickr group. It gives me an outlet for a common sick urge that many people in my demographic suffer from.

You were kind enough to invite me to your home for a dinner party and I excused myself in the middle of the meal to use the restroom. But it was a ruse: I high-tailed it to the living room so I could spend ten minutes standing with my head tilted to the right, checking out the couple of dozen books you have on that one shelf above the center-channel speaker in your entertainment hutch.

I’ve been meaning to do one of these "annotated bookcase" photos for a long, long time. Recently a pal posted one and it sort of egged me on to finally do it. That, plus the fact that Zero-Sum is due for an overhaul (where I cautiously decide which titles wouldn’t be missed if I removed them, and decide which new titles have earned a coveted spot in the rankings). Kinda fun to document these things.

This is the big "zero sum" bookcase in my office dedicated to "entertainment" books. "Zero Sum" meaning that when a new book goes _in,_ obviously an existing book (or two) has to come out to make room. I have no self-control when it comes to books in the office and this is the only way to keep the things from becoming such an infestation that my computers sit on desks made of books, I sit on chairs made from books, I keep my books in bookcases made of books…

(More shelves to come…)

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10 Responses to Top Shelf

  1. Sean/foto70 says:

    Oooh, I’m going to try this, may take a while as I have a plentiful amount of book shelves. May actually be handy if I were ever to be broken into, for insurance purposes 🙂

    Mine are bending too due to weight of my books, that is bending isn’t it? I think the books on my bottom shelf are holding up the books above.

  2. Butterbeano says:

    The calvin and hobbes deluxe clothbound edition is so beautiful. I got it for Christmas this year, you should definitely pull the trigger.

    I didn’t expect to see so many TPBs

  3. atlcs111 says:

    You have the ’87 edition of Dream Machines. I had my hands on the ’74 edition back in the mid-70s.. I wish I’d kept it.

    Have you looked up what sellers are asking for the ’87 edition of Computer Lib on Amazon? Over $90 when I looked today…

  4. Thinkcage says:

    Andy, you missed it. Amazon had The Complete Calvin and Hobbes on their Deal of the Day back in December. I got my copy for $65 shipped. I’ll let you know if I ever see it come up again. Oh, and it’s gorgeous.

  5. virtualrick says:

    Must be a way to link an image to Delicious Library…

  6. heru44 says:

    Hehehe…nice collection.

    Here’s one I did when I got the new Jarrah book case.

    I started linking each book to a separate photo of each book.

  7. MatthewAndLindsey says:

    Oof you need to fix those sagging shelves! Shameless promotion time! , pure hardwood bookcases with solid shelves that will never bow (owned by a family friend, I used to do development for them, great family run business). They can also be found in many large universities and government buildings, great quality.

    Nice collection though!

  8. evanhindra says:

    Andy, your book shelf is begging for mercy.

  9. allankcrain says:

    I need to get into the Zero-Sum habit with my study bookcases, too. I’ve spent the past month or so rearranging the room so I could have more space in it, and am going to be sending many, many books away as soon as I get done cataloging them. See here for a glimpse of my madness. When exactly the hell did I think I would ever need a massive book on NT 4 Server? And my criteria for selection here was "If I can think of any situation whatsoever in which I would ever open the cover of this book, however vague and unlikely, it stays." I.e., this massive pile is all books that I, an admitted packrat, was willing to part with with absolutely no pain whatsoever.

    (Except for physical, obviously. Moving that many books around is hell on one’s back)

  10. Mr Rodriguez; or, Frank says:

    Don’t throw out the Doom Patrol, that stuff is awesome. People you should feel guilty about, comics no.

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