Top Fitness Secrets from Around the World

Almost every country and culture on the planet have their own top health secrets for healthy living, in this article we will take a look at some of these healthy living and top health secrets from across the globe. Many of these healthy living remedies such as drinking herbal teas or cooking with certain spices may seem to hold little benefit and you may not even consider them to be one of the top health secrets but recent research has proven that these global healthy living tips may have more of a benefit then first realised.

Top Health secrets from Panama

In Panama the Kuna are an indigenous tribe to the region who drink an average of five or sometimes more sups of cocoa in its unprocessed state every single day. According to the research of Norman Hollenberg a top Harvard professor the Kuna tribe are less at risk from cancer, diabetes and heart disease by as much as 10% compared to the residents of Panamas mainland that drink only grocery store processed cocoa. The science behind this top health secret is that cocoa particularly when unprocessed is high in antioxidants and flavonoids that can provide a variety of different cardiovascular benefits.

To take advantage of this top health secret from Panama then try adding a small amount of honey as well as a tablespoon of unprocessed cocoa powder into a mug of warm milk.

Healthy eating tip from Japan

It is a fact that Japanese people live longer lives than people from almost every other country on the planet. One of the main reasons for this is because they have the lowest obesity levels than any other country, this is because of their health eating and other fitness tricks such as the practice of hara hachi bu, this basically translates to eating until you are almost 80% full. The logic behind this calorie control health secret is that if you feel like you are 80% full your stomach is most likely already 100% full but your brain has not quite received the message that you are full yet.

This healthy living calorie control fitness trick can be used at home simply by making sure that you chew your food approximately 20 times before swallowing. By slowing the overall pace in which you eat food you will be able to recognize the sensation of being around 80% full.

These top health secrets from around the globe can easily be added to your individual healthy living plan no matter where you are in the world.