The Goddamn Blue Exercise Ball

The Goddamn Blue Exercise Ball
Image by ★ spunkinator
…is a perfect metaphor for a relationship gone bad.

I’ve tried to hold on, tried to make it work, and knew that it should be good for me, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stay on.

It’s shiny, it’s squishy in the right places, and you tell all your coworkers about how awesome and sweaty you get with it.

Then, just when you think you’ve got things under your control, it bucks you off and leaves you with a big fat bruise.

I broke up with Megan today after 14 months, and almost did it at my notoriously infamous restaurant of choice for breaking up with girls: Chili’s.

After clearly and concisely citing numerous reasons why I couldn’t be with her anymore, I told her we were breaking up. She cried, got up, and left my life for good.

Funny thing about breakups. You can either be a pessimist and get disgruntled and bitter, or you can take them as an opportunity to find out who you really are inside and who you really picture yourself being with.

I did the latter, and hopefully Megan has too.


Bare strobe cam left

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