Tell Me Why

Tell Me Why
Image by k.landerholm

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16 Responses to Tell Me Why

  1. billfrog2 says:

    Couldn’t make up your mind?
    This would make an interesting time lapse!

  2. Tommy Ocediis says:

    Now THIS is a really neat idea for the self portrait challenge! Well executed!

    … I just went and Googled the Beatles’ album cover… That makes this even more enjoyable!

  3. arcvascular says:

    great – really like this one Kent

  4. nizger says:

    funky idea – how many shots did you have to do to get them all?

  5. souki83 says:

    The many faces of Kent Landerholm. The triplets below are hilarious. The one with the smoke is total fashion. An instant fav. Well done.

  6. Lisa Gordon Photography says:

    Waaaay too cool Kent!
    Love it!

  7. mazzmn says:

    Wow you must have spent a hard days night putting this together ! Nice work, looks great!

  8. totomai says:

    that’s a lot 🙂 nice to see you

  9. Margiebean says:

    All that and not one rock pose! C’mon Kent you’re killin me:)

    Seen in the group"Nikon Digital SLR Challenge" (?)

  10. budding_photographer says:

    Love it!

  11. LeftCoastKenny says:

    LOL! Reminds me of the strips of photos you get from those old photo booths.

  12. k.landerholm says:

    [] A goofy time lapse! [] I’d like to try again, getting a bit closer the high contrast of the original. [] I lost count! [] Ringo’s expressions are pretty subtle in the original. Mine are a little too subtle. For the other shot, I rolled my own… [] One very hard day’s night, but fun. [] [] [] Thanks Andrew, Lisa and Becki! [] Way too much of me! [] The Beatles rock! 😉 [] I can see that…

  13. Dan Anderson. says:

    I see this and start humming the theme from The Brady Bunch :O

  14. Sarah Malcom says:

    This is fabulous!

  15. k.landerholm says:

    [] I can see that, though I prefer "Tell Me Why" 🙂
    [] Thanks!

  16. (^-^) SUE (^-^) says:

    This is a great idea. It would make a nice GIF, you could layer each strip and have five moving pictures of 4 frames each.

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