Technology and New Media Panel – TAM London 2010

Technology and New Media Panel – TAM London 2010
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Image by Pewari
Another futile exercise in getting a photo with a) people sitting down and b) getting them ALL in the shot/in focus/without daft expressions.

From left to right (and I really hope I get all these names right and spelled correctly):

Neil Denny – producer and presenter of the Little Atoms podcast:

Martin Robbins – science writer/Guardian journo whose live blog of TAM London was invaluable to help me remember which talk was which after the event.

Gia Milinovich – tech writer, presenter and blogger.

Kate Russell – tech reporter.

Rebecca Watson – skepchick and Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe host:

Best quote of the panel goes to Martin: “I write for The Guardian, pretty much the only British newspaper not owned by a Bond villain.”

DISCLAIMER: these photos were taken a long way back, without flash (as flash photography was discouraged). As a result, quality is poor and white balance is generally all over the place. Sorry about that.

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