Image by CharlesFred

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16 Responses to Statuesque

  1. Frits1942 says:

    The driver’s helping hand?

  2. Svend DK says:

    "Wir sind bei den Göttern !" (Elektra)

    Or more precisely,
    divine beings move among us
    today as ever before, open your eyes,
    open your mind, open your mind’s eyes

  3. sly's eye says:


    Errr… I misread your title ;p

  4. Svend DK says:

    His head & face alone ! Have a look, folks

  5. hedgiecc says:

    a contraposto pose, technically speaking 😛 Suberb work, Charles!

  6. CharlesFred says:

    [] I doubt it.

    [] Yes, that pose is divine, like an angel.

    [] He he! Good one. Let’s see if we can get Stuart to pose like this 🙂

    [] I have a clearer pic of his face, will upload it one day.

    [] Thanks, Eddie, the cultured man who knows these things.

  7. CharlesFred says:

    400 views in 8 hours…

  8. Jacob Uluwehi Knecht says:

    Truly sublime

  9. peterpeers says:

    soon a 1.000 views in 1 day…. could there be a reason??????????

  10. twoheadedmayhem says:

    I would yell out "why don’t you go on a diet, fat ass!" Just out of jealousy. 😉

  11. CharlesFred says:

    [] Thank you.

    [] 947 views by the time I woke up today, so missed out on the 1,000 and… it was not even the most viewed photo yesterday, a pic of Aleppo souk had that honour with over 1,500. This one:

    A beam of sunlight in the Aleppo Souk

    [] Don’t worry, he is young, plenty of time to catch-up with the likes of ourselves…

  12. CharlesFred says:

    [] Here he is again:

    Our friend from yesterday

  13. NIKONIANO says:


  14. Svend DK says:

    [] Thank you very much indeed, even if I am somewhat
    surprised that this should indeed be the same boy — from the
    Classical contrapposto capture I would have thought his head
    and face would look different without the cap. So in a sense
    you have given us two sides to him, nay almost two hims 🙂

  16. stonednu says:

    Great photo! Thanks for sharing. And all your hard work>He is beautiful.

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