Staring Down the Beast

Staring Down the Beast
Image by United States Marine Corps Official Page
You voted, and this week’s Corps Top Shot comes from Cpl. Glen Santy.

The heavy-lift helicopter of the Marine Corps can carry a 26,000-pound Light Armored Vehicle, 16 tons of cargo 50 miles and back, or enough combat-loaded Marines to lead an assault or humanitarian operation.

A CH-53E Super Stallion with Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 461 hovers over a M777 155 mm Howitzer while Marines from 3rd Battalion, 10th Marine Regiment, Lima Battery, attach it to the aircraft in support of Exercise Mailed Fist at a range outside of Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C., June 21. Exercise Mailed Fist is a large-scale exercise conducted by 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing.
(U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Glen Santy)

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13 Responses to Staring Down the Beast

  1. Chung Chu says:


  2. Mr. Brickfig says:

    That is just crazy how big it is!

  3. BKeyser_ says:

    Conducted lots of these with the M198. Semper Fi 0811’s.

  4. laotto86 says:

    0481 Landing Support Specialist. Its what I did in the Corps.

  5. Brotango says:

    "That is just crazy how big it is"

    I’m really sorry but……. that’s what she said

  6. tuckerism4 says:

    Oohrah! HMH-463, The Pegasus, in Kaneohe Bay, HI. It’s been 12 long years since i flew in those graceful birds…….LCpl C.D. Tucker

  7. dggilson says:

    tuckerism4: OohRah back at ya. Charlie Company 1/9 Camp Pendleton…It’s been 29 LONG years since I flew in one of those birds…before my oldest child was born…a child who has children! These are OLD but awesome pieces of machinery!

  8. thepretenda says:

    ***This howitzer belongs to me now!!

  9. Franks Photos - In Limbo says:

    Fond memories of the Jolly Green Giant………
    Semper Fi, my Brothers!

  10. mmeck1 says:

    Is this the new Marine corps drive thru?

    Pilot: I’ll take a howitzer, w/ a coke.

    Co-pilot: Nothing for me, I have a PFT the end of the month,

  11. eks4003 says:

    delta co hill 119
    Back in the day
    Hill 119 vietnam
    I invite any Marines or Corpsman to view my tour of duty in Vietnam photos that I have posted on Flickr by clicking on this photo.And then clicking on my Vietnam set
    Semper Fi!
    Doc S
    Nam 1970

  12. Michelle Pisciotta says:

    Maybe on a good day.

  13. dvd7331 says:

    My son is a 0481. He is scheduled for his second deployment soon! He enjoys it!

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