Son Of “Modern” Man (Window Version)

Son Of “Modern” Man (Window Version)
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Image by Cayusa
Reject for Day 66 of 365

I was torn between the Mac Version and this one, but did the Mac Version first so I let that stand as my 365 for the day and kept this as the reject (that in no way implies or endorses one OS over the other LOL).

Why A Favorite?
This one and the Mac Version both are favorites. For a modern recreation of a piece of artwork, I think this one really came together well. I’ve got my own interpretations of the meanings and such behind this shot and the Mac Version and as "modern" as they both are they are still identifiable as a recreation of Son Of Man. These two shots really came together and I love how they turned out.

This week for "Take A Class With Dave and Dave" one of our assignments was Art Recreation. I did a recreation of an M.C. Escher that I am more than happy with. Chrismaverick and Peculiar235 both did versions of Magritte’s Son Of Man. I had done a version of the same picture months ago (although mine was just a quick photoshop exercise and not nearly as good as either of theirs. Since doing that first one; however, I have been developing a concept for a "modern" version of this painting in my head. I figured with the two they did, now was the perfect time to throw my version out there.

A copy of the original Magritte can be found here.

EDIT: In doing some background research on "Son Of Man" I came across this quote from Magritte about his painting Everything we see hides another thing, we always want to see what is hidden by what we see, but it is impossible. Humans hide their secrets too well…. . Originally I did this image and the mac version as a spoof, but after reading this quote I think these images actually hold some validity as a modernization of his original concept (not that I am claiming to be as masterful as he was). In this digital age so much of who we are can be hidden by the anonymity that computers and the internet provide.

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10 Responses to Son Of “Modern” Man (Window Version)

  1. debmarkham says:

    Nice escher, but this and the OS make a GREAT Magritte. … especially a Magritte with a modern touch.

  2. Cayusa says:

    They both turned out better than I had expected, but I would consider them more spoofs than re-creations. Hmmm, that would be a cool assignment LOL.

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  3. magnoliaz9 says:

    this is too cool. You will make explore with this.

  4. googlit says:

    boo windows! still a cool concept. =)

  5. NW Sunshine says:

    Wow, this is BRILLIANT!

  6. Cayusa says:

    Thank You!

    Thanks and LOL! Sorry, I was raised on PC’s and while I do respect Mac’s I don’t think I’ll ever convert. Although, after all the stuff I’ve read about Vista……….

  7. Cordey´ú┐ says:


  8. Gravityx9 says:

    ~~~~~~TIME TO VOTE!~~~~~~
    Please stop by and pick your
    favorite Magritte Re-Work!!


  9. abouttime2009 says:

    To me the thought process to create this piece is what art is all about,
    Also the message is stronger than the origanal, given the power of the iconic symbol and its use in everyay life. This is a wonderfull piece of art and thought.

  10. Cayusa says:

    abouttime2009 , Thank you!

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