Soldiers at a Combat Exercise in Southern Israel

Soldiers at a Combat Exercise in Southern Israel
Image by Israel Defense Forces
July 20, 2011

Two IDF soldiers take a break during a combat exercise in southern Israel. The soldiers serve in the Bedouin Desert Reconnaissance Battalion, an infantry battalion that is largely composed of Bedouin Arabs. The battalion operates along the Israel-Egypt and Israel-Gaza borders.

According to data released this month by the IDF Education Corps, units such as the Bedouin Desert Reconnaissance Battalion have greatly benefited from an increase in minority recruitment over the past few years.

Featured as photo of the day on July 26, 2011.

Photography: Sgt. Benish Revivo, IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

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3 Responses to Soldiers at a Combat Exercise in Southern Israel

  1. Steven Streets says:

    Thanx 4 letting me view it. I love all G’ds Soldiers.
    My olde mates

  2. 2nd class citizen says:

    great dragging ethiopians from africa into israels war and brain washing them into thinking that people they have never met are there mortal enemy

  3. Solan1487 says:

    [] First off: there is no explicit statement that the soldiers are Beta Israel. Secondly: given that a significant proportion of the Beta Israel community were rescued at a time of great famine and Derg oppression in missions like Operation Moses, it is quite unlikely that there was any calculation that suffering refugees would have been been in any condition to undertake the tremendous rigours of army life. Indeed, many perished attempting, of their own volition, to traverse through the Sudan in the hope of reaching safety, often being attacked along the way. Your remarks exemplify the blatant bias and ignorance which, alas, Israel has so often to contend with – and, in the context of what the Beta Israel endured, are also pitifully offensive.

    You see, by being Jewish and Israeli, they have an indisputable stake in the security of their country and people. Oh, and you shouldn’t that Ethiopia itself has been battling a variety of Islamist groups and increasingly violent sectarianism between Christians and Muslims in regions close to Eritrea and Somalia – it can hardly be said that the situation for Jews in Ethiopia has improved. Historically the Beta Israel were often subject to the most violent persecution and were relentlessly targeted by missionaries (who, predictably, also blighted the Igbo Jews and Abayudaya in Nigeria and Uganda, respectively). To be honest, your implication that they’re not providing informed consent could easily be construed as just a little racist – especially given the instances of Beta Israel who made aliyah prior to Israel’s independence, as well as those who fought in the Jewish Brigade during the Second World War. I do hope that isn’t so.

    And one more thing: you should also consider the progress that has been made over the past thirty years since the beginning of mass Ethiopian aliyah. I concede that are obvious issues in respect to integration, broad mobility, etc, but that can be extended (fully or partially) to Israeli Russians, even American oleh. Compare the relative progress over just three decades with the continued existence of a number of practically segregated sink estates across Europe and the Americas, or, indeed, to the Arab League’s protection of states like the Sudan and Mauritania (and historically Zanzibar), where black Africans have been marginalised, frequently persecuted, and often trafficked into slavery. Or look to last year and the pogroms against black Africans in Libya. Research before you comment, mate.

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