sketch exercises

sketch exercises
Image by sara..wood
just a bit of white gouache on some old air mail envelopes. i like doing stuff like this every once in a while…easy sketches that work out my hand and please my eyes. here i’ve just painted some shapes that i love: wisteria leaves, swirly vines, and a bit of bunting.

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3 Responses to sketch exercises

  1. martinezk says:

    Sara, I love these!!! Really!! I love simple designs on found paper or any paper in that case. I also love how all the colors seem to work well together as subtle as they may be. I know what you mean too about quick drawing exercises than turn into promising ideas and even pieces of art in themselves. I have a moleskine, 2 actually, and I bought them for exactly that. But it’s hard for me to use them every day.

  2. joshuahinds says:

    I love the look. Nicely done 🙂

  3. Kasaa says:

    Wow they look great – would you mind adding your pic to the Airmail addiction, group? Thanx!

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