self – studio exercise – black background

self – studio exercise – black background
Image by matthijs rouw
Instead of going to the studio in the academy I decided to buy a studio strobe set .. I need it anyway and gives me flexibility ..

The strobe setup was the same in all of the shots .. only the strobe pointed at the white background was changed .. turned off here ..

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6 Responses to self – studio exercise – black background

  1. viory says:

    so yes it is all yours. nice!

  2. ArtForm 2009 says:

    Prachtig, gooi mijn note er maar weer af, maar dat oog is schitterend.

  3. says:

    Well done and welcome to the Falcon Eyes group!

  4. matthijs rouw says:

    thanks vincent! should be good, the group ..

  5. nothingisuniqueanymore says:

    so nicely done, very good 😉

  6. Peter Bongers says:

    IJzersterke portretfoto!

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