Saving My Life

Saving My Life
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Image by live w mcs
One of my Flickr contacts said this quote. Being that I’m related to him this was an honor to actually believe and do 🙂

On my walk today I’d passed by where I’d walked in the beginning of my mission. My foot prints were very close together and today’s they were at a more normal spacing. It felt good just to see that progress 🙂

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11 Responses to Saving My Life

  1. Lakerdog says:

    beautifully put, and nice to see evidence with a weeks walking!

  2. live w mcs says:

    [] It’s funny, this might sound real wierd but if I tighten my but muscles I walk better and don’t wobble. The second I relax or look away I wobble? It takes every muscle in my body to walk good, but I’m doing it and it’s getting easier. I do notice when someone is downwind from me or a truck or something goes by it still effects my balance but other then that this has been so incredibly wonderful.
    I can’t even begin to express how good it feels to be able to walk and try to reclaim some health. After the test my doctor did I "HAD TO" do something and I’m so so so so so so so thankful to have a safe place to be able to do it 🙂

  3. RPahre says:

    How awesome to see a visible sign of your improvement!

    I’m glad West Texas is working out.

  4. ElitePhotobox2 says:

    Don’t tell me you forget to go before you went 8*)

  5. Mountain Man JC13 says:

    Good for you.

  6. jannagal (Off for short while) says:

    That Emerson guy knew what he was talking about ; -)
    Nice shot Beth!
    Glad to hear of your progress!

  7. live w mcs says:

    [] It was really awesome seeing the visable sign. I was pleased. I’m in NM!
    [] That has been an issue lol between not being able to move much and getting out walking has made everything move a little easier 😛
    [] Thanks
    [] For sure and Thanks Jan 🙂

  8. rreiffenberger says:

    How true that is. Keep up the good work. Great to hear you are progressing!

  9. {MarisaF} says:

    Such a wonderful quote and very true! Wishing you wisdom and progress on this journey to health 🙂

  10. live w mcs says:

    [] Ray Thanks and it’s kinda strange what people hold to be important untill they "loose their health" then reality hits them in the face what is truely important and valuable.

    Pretty much every day I walk I notice more and more improvement which is great. I have had a couple days that my progress had a step back from exposure to chemicals the night before but it turned around for the most part the day after Thank God!!!

    [] Thanks You so much that is very sweet of you 🙂

  11. I owe my soul... says:

    Nice place. I just want to explore… as long as there are no snakes. 🙂

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