Royal Marines Reservist Commando on Exercise in Norway

Royal Marines Reservist Commando on Exercise in Norway
Image by Defence Images
A Royal Marines Reserve Commando aims his weapon during a winter exercise in Norway.

A 70 strong contingent from units based in Scotland, Tyneside, Bristol, London and Merseyside travelled to Voss in Southern Norway as part of Exercise Hairspring to learn key survival and tactical skills in this challenging and inhospitable environment.

During their first week, the reservists are taught how to survive in their surroundings, learning to ski, build shelters such as snow holes and endure the sub-zero temperatures, including how to survive falling through sheet ice into deep water.

They will also be shown how to get out of the water while keeping their equipment and spare clothing dry. Once acclimatised, the reservists will learn how to operate effectively in the cold, including weapon handling, moving by night on skis and snow shoes, and camouflaging shelters.
Photographer: PO(Phot) Angie Pearce
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