Royal Marines Firing 81mm Mortar

Royal Marines Firing 81mm Mortar
Image by Defence Images
Royal Marines with the Mortar Troop from 42 Commando are pictured illuminating enemy positions in the mountains of the Mojave Desert, with an L16 81mm mortar during a week long final exercise of Black Alligator.
Photographer: PO(Phot) Sean Clee
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22 Responses to Royal Marines Firing 81mm Mortar

  1. sgtsammac-FS Stallion- IRC Scotsman says:

    His face! Priceless

  2. kyle.wood says:

    [] Looks like he’s sneezing

  3. sgtsammac-FS Stallion- IRC Scotsman says:

    Possibly, or the flash of the mortar round being ejected.

    Still, the timing of the pic.

  4. orinoko42 says:

    Yup – timing is spot on! Bravo =]

  5. Sprengben [why not get a friend] says:

    Speechless. Go on like this. The image really deserves Explore

  6. A@die says:

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  7. M.Varga says:

    Amazing capture!

    Via Today’s Explore at #99 on Fluidr

  8. M.A.Gibson says:

    Great shot

  9. Trojan Photography says:

    Great photo.

  10. Rumbo181 says:

    Lovely work!.

  11. Gordan Postertime says:

    Awesome Shot !!!

  12. Antoniociro says:

    Great shot!
    Congrats on explore!

  13. Brian Kim Studio says:

    Nice shot

  14. ROMSKI1 says:

    Excellent timing and great action shot- well done

  15. among the ruin says:

    Intense! OUTSTANDING capture!! 😀

  16. Abram Goglanian says:

    I’m at a loss for words, this is a really impressive capture. Very well done!

  17. Pat Newton says:

    Excellent capture!

  18. Keen Observer9 says:

    Nice work, good shot!

  19. aignes says:

    Well done…
    Seen on Explore.

  20. PhotographyNetwork says:


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