Portrait: 38/365 “Rough Day”

Portrait: 38/365 “Rough Day”
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Image by Twaize
Last day, but what a day…
There was heavy snow and a 3 metres of visibility… I loved it. I was now at the peak of my skiing prowess on this trip, the slopes had a wonderful thick layer of newly fallen snow, and best of all… Near empty slopes, it was simply brilliant.

Fact 38: When you go skiing, you don’t pick up where you left. You spend the first day or two getting back into gear, and then improve until the last day, when your body is all for it… And then you have to go home.
Resolution 38: Do more exercises before I leave next year, that way, your body gets into gear much faster.

Quote of the day: "Gravity is love and every turn is a leap of faith"
– Unsourced

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