on the move…

on the move…
Image by VinothChandar
See him CLOSER!

Thoughts come clearly while one walks. ~Thomas Mann

Walk Daily, Be Healthy!

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76 Responses to on the move…

  1. alfonso-tm says:

    Great composition

  2. cortto says:

    amazing angle, great light

  3. inumak says:

    i love walking too – alone and with my dog. 😛
    great tones here.

  4. sⓘndy° says:

    I love the tone so much

  5. babakos1967 (more off than on) says:

    The cute doggy looks very sceptical.Lovely picture.

  6. Brendan Ó Sé says:

    great tone in the shot…nice looking dog too!

  7. Hans van Reenen says:

    Like the depth of angle and lighting.
    Nice capture.

  8. Mayur Kotlikar says:

    Nice shot

  9. annfrau says:

    I like the angle and dof, great tones too!

    Seen on my Flickr home page. ( ?² )

  10. iAreef says:

    nice tones n lighting

  11. aha42 | tehaha says:

    Wow, cool!

  12. tlchua99 says:

    Looks like he is searching for something!
    Nice dog you have!

  13. lalli :) says:

    Nicely composed !

  14. gbrummett says:

    Beautiful portrait of this guy!

  15. saliken says:

    Bonito animal. Salut amic

  16. Ezhil Ramalingam says:

    Love the perspective, Vinoth !!! i can feel the movement !!! Yes, I walk daily !!!
    Have a great day !!!

  17. Photo Amy says:

    Great shot. The light is beautiful.

  18. SenShots / Senthilmani's Photography says:

    an interesting shot

  19. ramesh.rasaiyan says:

    Fantastic capture… good lighting…

  20. Anoop Negi says:

    What a sight !

    Seen in some comments. ( ?² )

  21. Claire*R says:

    Really nice perspective !

  22. inspire*dream*create* says:

    great POV, cute capture!

  23. ~M A~ says:

    nice angle !

  24. Sajith | ഈരാറ്റുപേട്ട says:


  25. Studyjunkie says:

    superb perspective here – really effective

  26. ineedathis says:

    That is a great close up my friend!

  27. nina's clicks says:

    Great composition and very original pov

  28. snapn'Mj, says:

    The pov rocks, great capture.

  29. Kartik J says:

    Excellent shot, lovely contrast and light

  30. <$ Jaggy $> says:

    Grt one Vino 🙂

  31. onkel_wart (thomas lieser) says:

    cute dog, good shot!

  32. Shoot-Me1 says:

    Brilliant capture, the colours are great and the composition and PoV perfect for this.

  33. DolliaSH says:

    Fantastic closeup !

  34. ricky1895. says:

    Very nice,well done!

  35. frozen stills says:

    Great shot. thanks for sharing

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. ( ?² )

  36. kellie.j. says:

    I love the slight distortion and processing….beautiful.

  37. FrannyLo says:


  38. .Guru. says:


  39. Dj Poe says:

    yes its time for me to get off this computer and go over to the gym!

  40. 'Carmen' says:

    What a great capture…love your PoV and the little motion 🙂
    Wonderful quote too!


  41. Emmanuel_D.Photography says:

    wonderful image =)

  42. turbatn says:

    Great job, must be difficult. Congrats.

  43. roger reyes says:

    Fantastic close-up…and fabulous lighting, my friend.

  44. bearhov says:

    Great comp and tone!

  45. eCCentricVagabond says:

    this good … 🙂

  46. Billy Currie says:

    Lovely looking wee guy

  47. rist2796 says:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called PETS WE LOVE., and we’d love to have this added to the group!

  48. kanonyobo says:

    Great shot ! I LOVE this tones and mood<3

  49. jackn888 says:

    nice angle!

  50. Lori - Learning Junkie says:

    Very nice!!

  51. JTRoboPhoto says:

    very cool shot, love the tones!!

  52. Jkadavoor (Jee) says:

    He is in deep thoughts!

    Seen on your photo stream. ( ?² )

  53. ~suchitra~ says:

    Great shot & lovely words!!!

  54. Completely 5bla ~ [E] says:

    Perfect taken..


  55. millan p. rible says:

    fantastic shot. great light!

  56. digiphotoxpress 2009 says:

    great angle, compo and tone

  57. cinnamon girl ♡ says:

    such a cool perspective!

  58. Afran Danesh says:


  59. loitz79 says:

    Great shot.

  60. Carlo Vingerling says:

    I like the depth of angle and lighting…well done

  61. D☮va says:

    very nice!

  62. GV.Muthukumar says:

    Beautiful Details..!! That rock and sun light. Nice perspective angle too.

  63. Lina AV says:

    very wild! nice capture!

  64. aviana2 says:

    Interesting and excellent light. The dog has really deep thoughts.

  65. Ron Hanko says:

    Nice shot.

  66. Velurajah UK says:

    very nice and well done my friend…

  67. Susan Sandérus says:

    Great angle, gorgeous light.

  68. gok_h says:

    Beautiful shot ! So close !

  69. patrícia soransso  says:

    like the 10-22mm


    Superb perspective…

  71. Jan Bol says:

    I like the way this photo suggest movement!

  72. o-rusty-nail says:

    Wonderfull capture

  73. modenadude says:

    superb! 😉

  74. Governmentality says:

    what really makes this one is the light. great vision.

  75. Photo--Graphy says:

    Nicely composed and shot

    View my photos at bighugelabs.com

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