Olympic Style Living

Have you ever wondered what fitness tricks and fitness secrets Olympic athletes use to keep them in top physical shape? Some of the fitness tricks that are used by Olympians can be used in almost any exercise program by ordinary people just like you. Below you will get the inside scoop on some of these top health secrets that you can put to use in your own healthy living plan and help get you looking and feeling your absolute best.

Hydration and Diet

For a performance at Olympic levels then the right diet is essential, this means a health breakfast containing carbohydrates as well as lean proteins. This level of healthy eating also means that you should eat approximately every four hours; you should also eat within a 90 minute time frame of any workout. Hydration is an equally important fitness tip ideally you should try to consume half of your weight in fluid ounces of water on top of this if you are doing any intense workout or for an extended length of time then you should also replace your body’s electrolytes with a sports drink such as Gatorade.

Get enough Sleep

Athletes at the highest level are often training extremely hard and in order for the body to get the rest that it needs they should try to get between 8 and 10 hours of sleep a night. Getting enough sleep is one thing but another top health secret used by athletes is getting quality sleep. This means getting to bed at a reasonable hour usually before 11 pm. To get optimal hormonal release then refraining from using a TV or a watch within half an hour of sleeping will help you avoid the negative effects of electromagnetic waves; also you should try and go to sleep in the darkest room possible.

Warm up and recovery

Another top fitness tip is to warm up properly before you begin your workouts, spend 10 to 15 minutes jogging lightly or rope skipping. Recovery after your workout is just as important spend 15 minutes doing light stretches or foam rolling exercises as well as massaging your muscles this will make sure you remain limber and can also help reduce any pain and stiffness.

Go Big When Lifting

Challenge yourself when weight lifting, instead of sticking to weight that you know you can comfortably lift. Mix it up and attempt to lift a bigger weight for a few sets of 4-5 reps once a week; this is a great fitness tip to increase your overall strength as well as promoting optimal hormonal release.

These health secrets, fitness tips and tricks are used by Olympic athletes in their training regimes that have helped them to achieve gold medals on the world stage. You can use some or all of these health secrets in your own health living plan and they can help you in your quest of getting fit.