Not A Victim!

Not A Victim!
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My quote but not my photo..made this for my fb pge, Live. Laugh. Love. Ive been thru A LOT of realy hard things in my life-things that no woman should have to go through, but it saddens me to say, that its happened to a lot of women.

For a long time, I saw myself as a victim…but not anymore. I have grown from those tough times (rape & abuse) & I am damn strong & I survived! I made this for all the SURVIVORS out there that refuse to be a victim! That refuse to be a statistic!

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  1. Hinkle Hinkle (in and out) = > says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have been heroic to me for a long time, Sultry.

    Thank you for this wonderful tribute! Kudos to those who are strong and to those who regain their strength and then go on to live life with verve. Viva yo!

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