Motivational quotes
Image by whitehatblackbox
A motivational quote on my wall that reminds me to keep on pushing forward.

Read more about my inspiration here: A Little Motivation

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4 Responses to motivation-001

  1. alandd says:

    I love this saying! I’d love to post it, spread it around and use it in training, etc.

    The photo is flagged as "All rights reserved" and, visible in the photo is copyright notice on the saying itself. How can I get permission to use and duplicate this text?

  2. whitehatblackbox says:

    Haha, thanks. I changed the rights settings for you.

    On a related note, change can result in death or permanent damage. If you suspect either, please do stop.

  3. alandd says:

    Thank you for the permission change! I will use it and attribute it to you.

  4. Julieta Lucca says:

    what typefaces did you use? ❤
    It makes me feel stronger every day.

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