Mario’s Promise

Mario’s Promise
Image by david_a_l
Mario was begging me to go back to the country after he had developed a taste for the lifestle. I told him I would take him again soon, but only as long as he did his chores around the house and kept up his fitness program he started the day after New Years but had let fall by the wayside.

Luckily Toad was such a good friend he was there to encourage him, even after the "difficulties" last week.

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14 Responses to Mario’s Promise

  1. Katie-Rose says:

    Is he keeping fit,
    or having a tantrum!!

  2. KayVee.INC says:

    Toad is such a good friend!!

  3. eekachinski35 says:

    Good form on that push up, Mario!

  4. olivia house says:

    lol, keep it up mario!

  5. ♥NamiQuenby♥♥♥Busy♥♥ says:

    beautiful shot…happy weekend:-)

  6. jdmoon96 says:

    "difficulties"? O__o
    will that be tomorrow’s pic?
    An unforgettable flashback… ;P

  7. DustDevilDiver (Briley Mitchell) says:

    Cute, I like it!
    Seen in:
    The One Object 365 Days Project buddy icon
    "One Object 365 Days Project"

  8. ~ CarLee Photography ~ says:

    So is this cleaning the carpet or push ups lol 🙂 I must admit I do not clean like this, but he may have a new fangler-ed way lol 🙂 Car

  9. smoochdog says:

    I love Mario’s exercise routine!

  10. AussieOutback says:

    Good old Mario. Quite a hilarious set of pics. Enjoyed them very much and thanks for sharing.

  11. ♥ Kegan says:

    Good for him

  12. flickraaca says:

    How many push ups can mario do?

  13. david_a_l says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone.

    He’s up to 50 a day now!

  14. ethanwt says:

    Mario is in a weight loss program? Oh I should have guessed, speaking of guessing, Check out my Photo contest, called GUESS! and WIN! remember to comment.

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