Madrid – Domingo en Parque Retiro

Madrid – Domingo en Parque Retiro
Image by CharlesFred
Sorry, but I could not help but present this chap performing stomach and stretch exercises in Retiro Park last Sunday afternoon.

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9 Responses to Madrid – Domingo en Parque Retiro

  1. BelfastShane says:

    i wont mind taking him to be dined and wined

  2. Neal1960 says:


  3. LUISBAZ says:

    Magnifica……….Charles veo que no pierdes tu tiempo en Madrid!!!!!

  4. RickSTL says:

    Charles, I’ve visited Retiro Park several times, but never saw such a sight no matter how often I looked up. Great photo!

  5. janGlas says:

    Well you don’t have to apologize at all : )

  6. ayang1970 says:

    so fit!

  7. ale.ian says:

    che forza:-)

  8. CharlesFred says:

    Thanks for your comments and Rick, this was my first time in Retiro Park, so maybe it was beginner’s luck.
    Luisbaz – I had two days and an evening in Madrid, the camera shooting almost non-stop…

  9. Mich'el says:

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