Loneliness Is A Crowded Room

Loneliness Is A Crowded Room
Image by just.Luc
Loneliness is a crowded room
Full of open hearts turned to stone
All together all alone

(Dance Away – Roxy Music)

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25 Responses to Loneliness Is A Crowded Room

  1. azt says:

    never felt more alone than into a busy crowded room, indeed. nice concept.

  2. Horura's old god says:


  3. bill barber says:

    Love the richness of your marble compositions. Nice spot of colour in this one

  4. Ɓinʏаmin says:

    i tend to avoid crowds, and at times feeling so lonely, i walk face down.
    though, am not like that at all on a personal level. i don’t think am even shy.

    i appreciate the composition, juxtaposing the yellow-filled marble, but wish there was a little more perfectionism here. i would love to see this shot crisp… you know, looks like the kind where things just have to be perfect.

  5. just.Luc says:

    @’ermie : I’m always asking for constructive criticism and when someone finally has the courage to do so it feels weird. I think you may have a point. Made the same mistake in the past to want to work out an idea too fast. Maybe I should reshoot it. Thanx for your candour. Hugs !

    @ Bill and Avatar : thanks for the comments and the favs.

  6. JakeBrewer says:

    Totally captivating photo!

  7. August Norman says:

    Funny, I think it is well set up and thought out as usual. I always critique my own work and when I see things I don’t think work, or get comments, I bring that forward not backward.
    Lryics that always come back to me when I think about changing something that works (unless they are paying me for it) are:

    And it’s too late to turn
    Back all the clocks in town
    It’s too late take the x
    From yesterday
    Now the die is cast
    Nothin’ happens in the past
    (So I think I’ll take a walk
    Out in the rain)

    From ‘Consequently, So Long’
    by POCO

  8. maguaphotos says:

    Great image I like it.

  9. Carlo Tancredi says:

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    Faves EXTREME 005

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  10. JimmyMac210 says:

    excellent composition – guess you have not lost your marbles yet like I did!

  11. virtually_supine says:

    Great concept and excellent composition !

  12. The Free Spirit of Aaron says:

    Such a true word spoken. I can so relate to this shot. Great work !

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  13. kiolero says:

    Lovely shot. Beautiful marble and great selective colouring.

    I found your marble again!
    In "I lost my marbles on flickr"

  14. Ĝiøvanni says:

    Marvelous concept. Again!!!

  15. indigo.eye says:

    I think this is a fabulous concept and vy well executed. I wouldn’t necessarily reshoot it, but perhaps a tweaking in PS for more crispness?

  16. jackeeadio says:

    This is a great idea Luc – I can certainly relate to it.

  17. camillesau says:

    What a gorgeous way with the color. A very good way to interpret this thought.

  18. syam C says:

    Clever & beautiful photo – a fave as always.

  19. canmom ( Carrie ) says:

    11 / 95 on 2008-03-15 qualified for

    Your photo qualifies for Faves EXTREME 10.

  20. sincerely, brandi. says:

    Very simple.

  21. Hinkle Hinkle (in and out) = > says:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Circle Mania: bubbles, orbs, marbles. spheres, disks, etc., and we’d love to have this added to the group!

  22. Hinkle Hinkle (in and out) = > says:


    This image deserves a Circle Mania Award

    From a fan of Circle Mania

  23. RainerSchuetz says:

    I love your ideas! Thanks for sharing!
    This one really rocks!!! Seen in: flickr rocks

    flickr rocks – Post 1 Award 1
    commented with SICI (2009-09-11)

  24. Purple Palindrome says:

    Everyone in their own bubble, bubbles touching but no real connection between people. WOW! You communicate a lot.

    Seen in the Songs Pool

  25. Polantwerp says:

    Fascinerend, knap bedacht en knap uitgevoerd …. this is art !

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