Kilbirnie School Mahara Taster Session – 2010-11-03

Kilbirnie School Mahara Taster Session – 2010-11-03
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Image by 4nitsirk
Today I decided – after seeing my training room for my first Mahara / MyPortfolio Taster Session – that I’d have to start a new series of photos: training room facilities.

This is the first time that I hold a computer / internet / software training session in a gym.

The Mahara Taster Session took place at Kilbirnie School, a small primary school in Wellington. The biggest room that could take 30 principals and teachers with their laptops and that was free for an entire day as my session was only part of their Professional Development Day, was the Hall, aka gym (as can be seen from the markings on the floor and the hoop on the wall).

We definitely had enough space for everybody and luckily the wifi played along, and there were also enough power boards to provide electricity to the laptops.

This Hall was well-equipped for non-sports events: a projector on the wall, a media center with all kinds of projector adaptors and cables, sound cable etc.

First I thought "Mhh. Interesting. Unusual." But then I realized that this was a hall designed for any type of gathering and was an ideal place for our large group.

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