Kick A…

Kick A…
Image by danishdynamite
Leica M6, Kodak Portra 400

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6 Responses to Kick A…

  1. dte648 says:

    Careful Brian looks like this little guy means business

  2. Fascinate369(Learn more) says:

    Wow! nice angle and moment!

  3. Lucas de Soto says:

    wow damn

  4. ingrid eulenfan says:

    You are invited to add this fantastic photo to


  5. SandraD76 says:

    Capoeira! Was this at Carnaval? I was there. I saw some of this action in the parade. Great action shot.

  6. danishdynamite says:

    [] Yep, this is from the carnaval parade last Sunday in Mission, San Francisco.

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