Ineffective Armor

Ineffective Armor
Image by megadem

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8 Responses to Ineffective Armor

  1. Fois.GrasToo says:


  2. ♠9♠ says:

    Some bondage? Why not. 😉

  3. patpowers1995 says:

    If there’s anything better than Slave Leia submitting to Jabba the Hutt, it’s Slave Leia submitting to two scantily clad alien hotties.

    And with regard to the message on the bra of the hottie on the left, I’d say the force is strong in both of them.

    Pat Powers

  4. Marina Grey says:

    wow nice lol

  5. hgordon22 says:

    I think this is a Star Wars guy’s dream come true!!

  6. Skippy 3000 says:

    Skippy says WOW!

  7. MoleyWow says:

    You can tell these ‘clone babes’ are SHOOPD! nice try but on the left one’s hip you colored outside the lines a little. And the ‘skinnier’ ones thighs very in thickness rapidly. So you did a quick tummy tuck and lipo on these…. these two……. two……..eck, anyways you suck at shooping, you fail. At least the Leia is hot without shop.
    Live with the truth bro. don’t shoop.

  8. megadem says:

    No photoshopping at all on this photo… Only edited the contrast. That spot on the hip does look strange, but that’s what can happen with blurry handheld snaps. Dumbass.

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