Important Health Message

Important Health Message
Exercise quotes
Image by was_bedeutet_jemanden
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I was trying to look for something "witty" for this picture. Instead, I found this profound quote from Benjamin Disraeli. It is true that when we look after our bodies and eat healthily, do plenty of exercise and get enough rest, we truly do feel happier.

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6 Responses to Important Health Message

  1. ~~**~~MissMadameS~~**~~ - Busy, so no invites! says:

    Aww your vegetable is just too cute and is that his extra head that he’s carrying there? lol.

    Anyway about the quote, I need to exercise more and I will when the weather is better. *promises* 😛

  2. was_bedeutet_jemanden says:

    That’s good to hear…… I was exercising regularly, until the sudden change in weather made me sick again….. But I hope to get back into it soon….

    And I think that other "head" is meant to be a baby….

  3. ~~**~~MissMadameS~~**~~ - Busy, so no invites! says:

    Oh it’s a baby! 🙂

    Sorry to hear that you got sick, due to a change in weather.
    Hope you’re feeling better now and good luck for when you get back into the exercising. 🙂

  4. was_bedeutet_jemanden says:

    Thanks! Same to you! 🙂

  5. Prinsesa Maleiha (Always @ Facebook) says:

    This is cute! Get well soon,Ray! 🙂

  6. was_bedeutet_jemanden says:

    Thank you! 🙂

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