Image by Neil
After many attempts to crop this photo, I hit on this solution. I think it turns a mediocre picture into something special. I’m terribly pleased with myself for thinking of it.

The man is practicing some form of exercise that I only saw in Hanoi. It’s a routine with both slow stretching and fast, loose movements.

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5 Responses to hanoi-exercise

  1. neilbruder says:

    If you cropped it so the circle touches the edges it would make a great pic for the squared circle group.

  2. a.ng. says:

    may i blog it? thanks

  3. Neil says:

    houttuynia: Yes, please do. It’s under Creative Commons.

  4. Neil says:

    houttuynia used it for this blog post: Mémoires+ de NTN (p.1)

  5. laughinmaniac says:

    the grey frame is a bit disturbing, what about softening it a bit…

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