Handmade Physical Therapy Paint Chip Book ~ 2 of 7 photos

Handmade Physical Therapy Paint Chip Book ~ 2 of 7 photos
Image by Urban Woodswalker
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Hand made book from paint chip samples (had a bunch left over from other projects), recycled industrial felt, photo copies of occupational therapy hand exercises. I used e6000 glue to bond the chips to the felt…it is quite flexible and has held up well. The book is 2.5 inches square…a tiny thing easily carried.

I believe everyday ordinary things can be made beautiful. I needed something to make these painful, dull exercises a little bit brighter and fun. I had found carrying the photocopies of the exercises around in purse only got them damaged, and undone. So I made this little board book. Need I say how much my therapist loved it too? 😉

I made this book around 5 years ago after hand surgery and subsequent months of physical therapy . I wanted to carry my exercises around with me and came up with this idea.

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4 Responses to Handmade Physical Therapy Paint Chip Book ~ 2 of 7 photos

  1. mmoca says:

    I love it! I’m always on the lookout for creative uses for those paint chips.

  2. Urban Woodswalker says:

    Yeas! They are so easy to glue to a felt binding with e6000 glue…its flexible and permanent…and no sewing or knotting!

  3. klu84 says:

    Where did you get those images?is there a handbook or something like this?

  4. Urban Woodswalker says:

    Klu84, I received occupational therapy for 2 months after hand surgery. They always have exercises they give you to do at home. Physical therapists do too. The exercises are given out only by licensed therapists. There are probably hundreds of thousands of images for exercises…the human body is quite complex. I have some for my back/ spine too.

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