Exercising with Meels

Exercising with Meels
Image by kamshots
Exercising with Meels
Zurkhanehye Ayatollah Taleghani-Chizar roundabout-Tehran

Click here to see a video of Exercising with Meels.

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5 Responses to Exercising with Meels

  1. Parastoo ^ says:

    Very interesting set of this traditional sport, indeed.

    Please add your photo here:

  2. reza ebadi says:

    salam, man michastam yekbar to zurkhune?! aks bendazam , vali hanooz nashodeh.. kheili akse khubi..well done

  3. kamshots says:

    Yes Frits 42, the guy is called Murshed “Master” who is beating the drum and singing poetry.

  4. Bibimorvarid says:

    Congratulations! Your photo has been nominated as "Superb Masterpiece"
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  5. Kombizz says:

    good one

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