Exercise Strobist Light

Exercise Strobist Light
Image by Louish Pixel
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Strobist Info:
Alienbees B800 with grid and medium softbox on back left 45 degree. Same on back right. Triggered with RadioPopper JrX. I had a beautydish setup too but didn’t have it on for this shot.

Shot against green seemless paper. Green screen removed via Adobe AfterEffects. Spotlight in back added in photoshop, cement floor added in photoshop. Cement floor in photo is actually a cement wall photo I took an hour after the portrait was taken.

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2 Responses to Exercise Strobist Light

  1. Louish Pixel says:

    Behind the scenes: [http://www.flickr.com/photos/louish/6338990597/in/photostream/]

  2. eweigele says:

    Wow, incredible shot.

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