Exercise Machines

Exercise Machines
Image by Sailor Coruscant
We found a park that had lots of exercise toys to keep people fit. Only unlike in Sydney, these all had moving parts. Like this one, which seemed designed to get you to do the splits, one way or another. 🙂 This is James’ mum in the front, by the way, for those who don’t recognise her. I wasn’t just randomly photographing people playing on the toys.

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5 Responses to Exercise Machines

  1. joe_sciglitano says:

    Heheh love the expressions.

  2. Ariaski says:

    This is a fun one! It seems that James didn’t get how to use them on the first time.

  3. Sailor Coruscant says:

    We all studied the instructions sheet before getting very far with any of them actually. But Valerie was yelping in the moment before I took the photo, so I think that’s what James was looking at.

  4. kww048 says:

    This cool photo of yours works great on my lens here:
    Thank you!

  5. CountryClinic says:

    thecountryclinicblog.com/blog/can-making-healty-lifestyle…. I used this photo for my blog.

    Thank you for sharing your photos.
    Dr. Avery N. Martin, B.S., D.C

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