Exercise in public …

Exercise in public …
Image by gordontour
One of Abu Dhabi’s Parks now has a set of LifeTrail exercise equipment for the public to use to improve their fitness and health. During the week day it might appear like an art installation or information display, in the cooler evenings and at the weekends they get well used. Whilst marketed in some places for the elderly here they are used by a wider range of society, from workers winding down after a hard day’s work to fitness fanatics wanting to vary their routine and young families strolling by who just stop to have fun. Found more at www.playmoreonline.com/wellness.htm and www.nwplayground.com/life-trail.html

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2 Responses to Exercise in public …

  1. Lenka P says:

    Good idea, only I would prefer to face the park rather than the notice. Can the seat be rotated?

  2. gordontour says:

    Nice idea, but fixed, facing the instructions 🙂

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