Exercise Cobra Gold

Exercise Cobra Gold
Image by The U.S. Army
A 60 mm high-explosive round fires from the tube of an M-224 Company Mortar System as the 3rd Battalion, 509th Parachute Infantry Regiment gun team readies the next shot Feb. 11 during Exercise Cobra Gold 2011. Photo by Staff Sgt. Matthew E. Winstead/4-25th ABCT PAO

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5 Responses to Exercise Cobra Gold

  1. kitsacute says:

    yes,,contact me if you like traveling during you are in Thailand..special for Cobra Gold 2011..thk u for came excers in Thailand..

  2. jhandteress says:

    wow nice shot ! keep safe and may god bless u all.. very hard job… gosh !!! for sure god is always there for all of you,watching and he will protect each everyone of you.

  3. marvelous_blue says:

    Fantastic composition showing a mortar crew in action with live round launched from the tube!

  4. No Pain, No Gain1 says:

    I would hate being in the target zone when that hits

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