Exercise class

Exercise class
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This is the exercise class we’ve been attending for a few months now. Most of us are over 50, a few over 80. It’s not aerobic; the exercises are mostly stretches and pulls against heavy elastic tubes. But it’s well calculated to promote balance, flexibility, and to work the major muscles.

I’ve never been fond of planned exercise; always preferred to do some work and get my exercise that way. But I’ve really appreciated this class.

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8 Responses to Exercise class

  1. Northwestkathleen says:

    I prefer to walk or get out in the garden or clean house! LOL!

  2. jinxmcc says:

    Kathleen, that’s what I’ve always said too. I’m surprised at my own inclination to get to this class regularly. Walking is still great, as is gardening and more.
    The thing that’s different about the class is that it systematically takes us through an exercise that stretches a particular muscle group, then a stretch to relieve tension there; then a different exercise for different muscle group, and stretch for that; and so on, so by the end everything has had a little workout. It’s the stuff I’ve heard people say about their gym workout, all these years, without being convinced in the least — somehow this works for me, though!

  3. locamotion says:

    Just what I need!

  4. moonbeverly says:

    I have been doing hatha yoga daily since about 1972. At this stage, it is a real help to make sure every part of the body gets energized and relaxed.

  5. wandering tattler says:

    You’re all exercising your anti-jump muscles, I see.

  6. mr moor says:

    I think doing it inside a group is nice too. Paul and I have attended line dancing classes (don’t laugh) for two years. Even though we didn’t get the hang of it it was nice to see the fellow class mates every week.
    I need more excercise too, but I will get plenty once the growing/mowing season begins.

  7. Pandiyan says:

    While it is definitely good to be physically active through regular daily life, professionals, including the two at home, always say planned exercises are needed. More so as we age. Group exercises add in the social element as well.

  8. moonbeverly says:

    Line dancing….. that sounds great. I sure miss dancing.

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