Exercise Bike

Exercise Bike
Image by darktek13
Posted for the Guess What This Is pool:

Probably still way too easy…

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29 Responses to Exercise Bike

  1. GustavoG says:

    Heh, first thought of course was "frisbee", but not with that hole…

  2. s4ints says:

    is that massager? you know those machine tha massage your back.. lol..

    looks like some sort of electronic device..

    so… radio? mp3? cd player? oh well.. worth a shot.. hehe..

  3. JohnMHoyt says:

    One of those silly little robotic vacuums?

  4. darktek13 says:

    GustavoG You are right. It is not a frisbee 😉
    s4ints It is not a massager, not even for your back
    It is also not a radio, mp3 or CD player
    JohnMHoyt It is not a robotic vacuum like the Roomba. I want one, but I have not bought one yet…

  5. காவியம் Kaaviyam Photography says:

    Bottom part of a lamp or ceiling fan part?

  6. woodworker2 says:

    Bathroom scales underside ?

  7. darktek13 says:

    kaaviyam It is not the bottom part of a lamp or a ceiling fan part. My wife did take down 2 ceiling fans in order to put up the florescent lights that are now in my kitchen on Friday. (Pics of the new florescent lights are in my photostream) But I did not take pictures of them, they were old and kinda nasty…
    woodworker2 Not the underside or bottom of a bathroom scale.

  8. s4ints says:

    smoke detector?

  9. darktek13 says:

    s4ints It is not a smoke detector…

  10. s4ints says:

    is that a chair? what you lean on i mean..

  11. காவியம் Kaaviyam Photography says:

    is it lamp cover?

  12. s4ints says:

    air purifier?

  13. darktek13 says:

    s4ints It is not a chair, but you can use it for one. Personally, I can only use it for a chair for short periods of time. I am too used to my nice comfy computer chair 🙂
    kaaviyam It is not a lamp cover nor does it have anything to do with a lamp.
    s4ints It does not purify the air at all 🙂

  14. JohnMHoyt says:

    Toilet seat? heh

  15. darktek13 says:

    JohnMHoyt Welcome back to the photo 😉 It is not a toilet seat. But that does make sense when you think about how much more comfy my computer chair is ^_^

  16. Crystal Craig says:

    Is it a stool?

  17. darktek13 says:

    Crystal Craig It is not a stool 🙁

  18. s4ints says:

    damn.. i was thinking about that.. hehe umm..

    something that you can sit on but looks so cool.. lol.. a small table?

  19. darktek13 says:

    s4ints It is not a small table, but I totally see where you are coming from. Without the hole, this photo could be of a cool table.

    On the other hand, I never said it looked cool 😉

  20. JohnMHoyt says:

    A piece of exercise equipment?

  21. darktek13 says:

    JohnMHoyt I knew someone would get there 😉 It is a piece of exercise equipment. Now, which piece?

  22. JohnMHoyt says:

    Stationary bike?

  23. darktek13 says:

    JohnMHoyt Excellent! It is a stationary exercise bike!

  24. GustavoG says:

    Just like I thought: not a frisbee! 😉

    Excellent riddle. Highly confounding despite its being a high-quality, large image.

  25. darktek13 says:

    GustavoG Thank you 🙂 Second guess pick was the charm. Now to see if I can reproduce my results hehe.

  26. s4ints says:

    nice.. 🙂 wicked perspective..

  27. darktek13 says:

    s4ints Thank you 🙂

  28. twk333 says:

    damn … nice pic! … if i had guessed, i never would’ve guessed anything related to exercise … ;b

  29. darktek13 says:

    Sweet! I really hoping that I would be able to stump you, but you did not guess on my picture 😛 So my dream remains unfulfilled ^_^

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