Image by rustman
I’m not a big fan of waiting. But sometimes we have to be patient, even if we don’t want to. I’m planning on participating in San Jose Works annual members’ exhibition, 5/29 – 7/19, but I still don’t have my piece framed. I’m going to cut the matt tonight and get the glass tomorrow, but I’m still waiting for the frame to arrive. I just hope it arrives before the weekend. I have until 5/22 to deliver the painting. Wish me luck.

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7 Responses to Exercise

  1. codevilla says:

    good luck dude…

  2. daydreamr says:

    hey, that’s really cool! I know how hard it is to wait… and wait… and wait…
    I’ll have to stop by and see at some point. Good luck!!!

  3. Kandi Carol says:

    I have no patience, so I feel for you. Congrats on the show. I really hope you get it done soon!

  4. original_ann says:

    Good Luck!! 😀

  5. ReyGuy says:

    ya know, rust never sleeps. so you should have ample time.

    and this one looks as if the title was cut short. Exercise in futility?

    stop me before I pun again…

  6. Adam Graham says:

    Awesome. I love this shot. Oh, and good luck with the show.

  7. rustman says:

    Thanks, Adam. I delivered the piece Sunday. I was watching local news on TV last night and they were doing a story about the NY Times running an article on San Jose’s slow growth since the dot-bomb. B roll showed the Works gallery and I caught a glimpse of my painting along with others laying on the floor… funny.

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