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Image by Just call me Jac
"To err is human, to forgive is divine" ~ Alexander Pope

I had my macro lens attached to the camera the other day, shooting the 1st bloomin’ weed of the year, when I walked past the well head. Though I have walked past the thing a million times, I never noticed the "ERR" in it. At least I hadn’t notice it significantly enough that it put the quote from Pope to mind. Maybe it is because I had my camera in hand as I walked past it this time? We, at least I think I do, think or look at things differently with the camera in hand. We, that is the "royal" we again of me, myself, and I if you happen to disagree with me, (I know that will take a couple of reads to decipher) think of how differently things will look through the lens. Not just the composition, but also how the light will play on that sensor (yes I am referring to digital, sorry you film folks) since the camera can only pick up a few stops of light where our human eye can pickup so many more. Maybe we also are thinking about what aperture and shutter speed we would shoot that shot with. And even, we might be thinking about how we might process the shot, HDR, Exposure Blend, maybe some layer masking, …

Ruh Roh, I just realized y’all are getting a glimpse of how my mind works. And that reminds me of another Pope quote; "Strength of mind is exercise, not rest." And that reminds me of another recent discovery, at least to me, Dooce. Heather B. Armstrong is Dooce, a blogger of some renown from what I gather, so it wouldn’t surprise me if you haven’t already read her humorous blog and wait patiently for her great photos. But that makes me wonder that if you knew about her, why didn’t you tell me about her before?

And that is how I tied today’s photo in with the today’s link.
Yes, my mind is a strange trip 😀

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10 Responses to ERR

  1. wolfgang.hardt says:

    So it is, Jac. Thanks for that link. Reading the blog and watching the fotos makes me feel a little bit better today…

  2. edob2009 says:

    At least you still have YOUR mind to wonder about! "Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most." (A quote from somewhere…) You remind me that I must get my computer fixed because I don’t have the capacity anymore to change and edit my photos anymore and, despite forethought in taking pictures, I am used to remedying exposure, layer masking and other processes on the computer. I "err" a lot. I also miss the experimentation readjusting the shots as you frequently do, and teach to me in your mental peregrinations.

  3. Tundra Winds Images by Donna says:

    Oh, to have time to read others’ blogs, etc. It seems my days are filled with Dr. Seuss and Eric Carle……..; ) But hey, Dr. Seuss certainly gives us that "other" way of looking, with morals to boot (if a bit muddied by the drugs some say the good doctor was under while writing………). But, yes, I’d say that camera-in-hand does generally open one’s eyes and mind. I like how your camera brings out human nature……while mine tends to anthropomorphise nature …… kind of odd perspective, but perhaps not totally. Do we learn about ourselves when putting ourselves "into" nature, from whence we came? Me thinks so! Great, thought-provoking post, as usual, Jac!

  4. TheFella says:

    Very cool macro! I love the blog post too. I like when photos have a story attached to them!

  5. Pattys-photos says:

    wonderful capture ..great find..we do tend to find things that some people would think strange
    my husband is always saying "why are you taking a picture of that " he’s a good sport though,
    we do a lot of stopping on our road trips 😉

  6. theerstwhilekate says:

    I like the rusty bolt above the word you’ve isolated – after all, how many errors are failures to check rust? 🙂

  7. Calakmul says:

    Really great macro my friend, I’d like to stay longer but I have to BOLT :^)

  8. Bingee says:

    The workings of the mind of JAC often imitated but never duplicated …
    great eye to see this as a photo my friend beautifully displayed have an enjoyable weekend

  9. Patty-Take4 (incog.4-a-bit) says:

    Interesting shot…. But nothing rusty about you, Jac!
    Suspected for awhile, now I’m certain.. you’re a Closet Blogger.
    Any thoughts of taking this show on the road..? People make $$$ doing this.
    You’ve already got a following… 😉

  10. brakes4bunnies says:

    Cool shot jac!

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