Design Exercise #1

Design Exercise #1
Image by kurafire
I haven’t done any design work in far too long, so I’m doing exercises now to keep my Photoshop-skills at least somewhat acceptable…

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15 Responses to Design Exercise #1

  1. Anton Peck says:


  2. Jordan Cole says:

    The mind… it boggles.

    The only possible problem I can find is that the sidebar seems to be fighting with the main column due to the strong blues and bullet points.

  3. Bryan Veloso says:

    Woah, nice stuff.

  4. luxuryluke says:

    this rocks! good work!

  5. luxuryluke says:

    Is that a bridge?

  6. kurafire says: _what_ a bridge??

  7. Eddie James says:

    Someone was digging in the Jason Gaylor brushes 😉

  8. horsedreamer says:


    The phrase "New and Improved" always bothered me. Improved => pre-existing (therefore) not new.

    and then I went to your site to see if it was live, and I became sadness. 🙁

  9. luxuryluke says:

    Faruk, it’s just that this one is so close to the Bridge shots, that suddenly the red arc looked like a bridge, i don’t know if you saw the correlation, but when it occured to me, i thought it quite cool.

  10. kurafire says:

    Luke: ahh, no, just a coincidence that I uploaded that bridge shot. The red arc was purely digital fill with a bunch of tweaks and effects 🙂

    Dave: I worked for 6 months on the site’s current design, and released it on Dec. 15th last year. That’s less than 6 months ago — no way I’m replacing it any time soon.

    (plus, this design is so completely incomplete for something like my entire site…)

  11. horsedreamer says:

    Ah, this is true. Your current design is good also. I forgot how young it was.

    It (the design you’re playing with) /is/ really pretty though.

  12. ridestate says:

    acceptable? it’s a great work!

  13. n.macca says:

    That is really great work.

    We would love you to join, which is a website especially for talent people and has a section for design. The site is used regularly by companies, scouts and agents to look for ‘fresh talent’.

    Would also be great if you added your picture to our Flickr Group The Talent Community (

    Looking forward to welcoming you on!

  14. Felps! says:

    great work!

  15. says:

    I really like this collection a lot, if you don’t mind, can you check out my new backgrounds and let me know what you think?
    My Stage Backgrounds

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