Crucified by Exercise

Crucified by Exercise
Image by Dead Air
Black and white holga multiple exposures of my wife doing her daily exercise routine.


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15 Responses to Crucified by Exercise

  1. Sati Kobashi says:

    The title is so perfect…
    Amazing shot!

  2. photojq says:

    ha. I bet she loved having her photo taken while exercising. my wife would kill me. possibly literally.

  3. Liberty Place says:

    I feel that i always hate make gym 😉 (from the Feel Me, Post Me! group)

  4. T Glow says:

    Yes……………. ANOTHER great & very creative work !!

  5. Dead Air says:

    @photojq – you can bet I asked permission, and also explained that they would be multiple exposure holga shots. Her only complaint was the high pitch of the flash charging between shots.

  6. JustM0 says:

    I feel the headache after the hallucinogens. (from the Feel Me, Post Me! group)

  7. FotosdeManuela says:

    Excellent shot

  8. *Gabisa Motonia says:

    Beautiful shot !!

  9. Nesster says:

    I feel inflated and airy (from the Feel Me, Post Me! group)

  10. Niko R. says:

    I feel like a fat bastard for not doing enough exercise(from the Feel Me, Post Me! group)

  11. Hurith says:

    I feel the irony of the situation.
    (from the Feel Me, Post Me! group)

  12. maurice flower says:

    I feel bewildered.
    (from the Feel Me, Post Me! group)

  13. Noël Zia Lee says:

    What a fun composition! The Holga certainly seems to spark a high level of creativity in the Portland group. Keep it up!!

    (Seen in the PDX group.)

  14. lunaryuna AGAINST CENSORSHIP says:

    or maybe Excorcised by crucifiction … 😉 😀

    this is one hell of a great multiple exposure!

  15. silverxraven says:

    Of the 3, I like this one

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