Chinese daily exercise

Chinese daily exercise
Image by kevin dooley
Elders exercise at the South Gate of Nanjing, China.

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23 Responses to Chinese daily exercise

  1. ps70 ...,,.,., says:

    could need such exercises too:-)
    I am toooooooooooooooooo lazy

  2. c-h-l (paused) says:

    fantastic pov! wonderful shot!

  3. Maria_Globetrotter says:

    Very cool, I like it!

  4. Dirk Blij says:

    Like the five on a dice

  5. imagejoe says:

    DoNe !!!!!!!!!!! FAV !!!!!!!! JOE>

  6. Sigüenza. says:

    Great shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. steggsg1 says:

    brilliant image fantastic pov

  8. Paul Jolicoeur Photography (Catching up) says:

    Excellent POV and comp! Well seen and captured.

  9. tantheolddoc says:

    That’s peaceful.

  10. Cristiana Gasparotto says:


  11. MacroMarcie says:

    very cool…..i’m so jealous! i want to go to china….i’m so having international travel withdraw right now…. my passport is depressed LOL

  12. bryanilona says:

    Excellent shot – nice to be able to do it outside in public without attractiing undue attention!

  13. Kelvin Wong (aka PiscesRomance) says:

    Great captured my friend! is so wonderful!!

  14. c0gnate says:

    beautiful work!

  15. Meljoe San Diego says:

    Good capture!

  16. marietom says:

    jolie scène.

  17. Urban (on/off) says:

    great pov and clarity mate !!

  18. ybiberman says:

    seems you had a great journey!

  19. Brendan Ó Sé says:

    nice way to start the day

  20. RUSSIANTEXAN © says:

    Very creative!
    Well done Kevin!

  21. Andrew Lockie says:

    Superb Kevin !

  22. Marty Bono Carpe Diem says:


  23. Fede Falces (OFF & ON) says:

    … Tai Chi? … I do it!!! … well, Tai Chi Chuan is that I do it!!! … GREAT framing and POV!!! =:O)))

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