Chemical unit holds wartime decontamination exercise

Chemical unit holds wartime decontamination exercise
Image by Aberdeen Proving Ground
(October 15, 2009) — Soldiers of the 22nd Chemical Battalion (Technical Escort) underwent a vigorous exercise testing their skill and knowledge in decontamination for chemical agents during a Chemical Response Team exercise in the Edgewood Area Sept. 24.

Captain Siyoung Lee, team leader for the Chemical Response Team (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and high yield Explosives), explained that two chemical response teams were being evaluated by the unit’s subject matter experts.

The scenario was a response by the teams to a chemical agent exposure incident on front line troops. Team members formed three ranks, approximately five meters apart inside a ‘contaminated’ area marked by red tape. Casualties had to move forward into the area, stopping at each rank, to be decontaminated by team members. Read more…

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