CD Cover Meme

CD Cover Meme
Exercise quotes
Image by Patrick Haney
I randomly came across Bobby Andersen’s CD Cover Meme creation today after browsing his portfolio and thought it would be fun to do as a design exercise.

Here’s the deal:

1) Band Name

Get the name of the band from a random Wikipedia article, the first title on the page, using this URL:

2) Album Title

Get the title of the album from a random quotation, the last 4 words of the last quote on the page from this URL:

3) Album Art

Get the album art for the CD from Flickr’s Interestingness page, the 3rd photo from the random listing you get from this URL:

Create Your Own

If you want to use the Jewelboxing CD case above, designed by Wolfgang Bartelme for Coversutra, you can manually grab the icon resource from the application’s contents.

My result came out pretty well I think. My band, Orcrist, is named after the legendary sword, wielded by Thorin Oakenshield, which means "Goblin Cleaver." The album title, "Of Manhood & Self-Reliance," comes from a John Neal quote. And my album art, which could not be a more perfect photo to randomly show up, is My Blurry Vision by Espen Dalmo of 8thSESSION (who was kind enough to allow me to use his photo even though it isn’t licensed under Creative Commons).

Alright, now it’s your turn.

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6 Responses to CD Cover Meme

  1. B Tal says:

    Such a great idea! I’m either staying up another hour or so, or this is my lunch hour fun tomorrow. Thanks for sharing the fun and the nifty PSD (I think I may go for the old skool CD case or the album sleeve from the Coversutra kit).

  2. SophiaTeutschler says:

    Just wanted to point out that the jewelboxing case graphic above was created by Wolfgang Bartelme not Laurent.

    May you also please remove the PSD file download. I don’t want to do spoilsport here, but I had a lot of issues regarding pirating the CoverSutra graphics in the past, and having a download like this makes it look like the graphics are free and not copyrighted.

    I hope you understand.

  3. Patrick Haney says:

    @Sofia: Thanks for the info. I didn’t realize Wolfgang had designed the Jewelboxing case. I took the PSD file down even though it’s easy enough to grab it from the application contents of CoverSutra, which makes it really hard to call it "pirating."

  4. Kate Leipold says:

    I’m not exciting enough to actually build a CD cover image – but My album would be The permission of another by Ataturk’s Reforms. Thanks to this I now know about Mr. Bacon and Mr. Soy –

  5. nanymigos says:

    ours that wonderful photo

  6. jewelboxing says:

    Hello from Steve over at Jewelboxing! We’ve just started the new Jewelboxing Examples Group, and we’d love to have this added!

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