Blacksmith At Work

Blacksmith At Work
Exercise quotes
Image by Mike_tn
Second of two photos for Labor Day 2011

Forging a hammer head and trying to discover lost technique through trial and error.

The rights of the "poor," who may be workers harmed "as a result of the violation of the dignity of human work," include "especially the right to a just wage and to the personal security of the worker and his or her family".
Work is the means by which man exercises dominion over nature, adapts it to his needs, and helps his fulfillment as a human being. Therefore industriousness is a virtue, for "virtue, as a moral habit, is something whereby man becomes good as man.

quote from Pope John Paul II

F5.6 1/160sec 45mm ISO200 Bounce-Flash Nikon D40 on tripod

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18 Responses to Blacksmith At Work

  1. delsignorem says:

    I don’t know , Mike ! He looks like a seasoned pro to me ! I like the iron grate he has over the wwindow ! Wonderful comp & capt, esp in the present light ! SWD !!!

  2. delsignorem says:

    Fabulous comp, capt & clarity ! The strength in his hand is amazing …as are those colors & tones ! Excellent work !!!

  3. scruffdog1231 says:

    Such a lost art, not many of them around these days. Nice work.

  4. luca.gargano says:

    very interesting!

  5. emma lagunday says:

    Hey there Mike, thanks for posting those words, very appropriate for today’s holiday. Interesting and excellent capture of the iron man. Enjoy the rest of the day, I can feel the autumn breeze in my side of the world here.

  6. n&pdav says:

    I like the way you have taken these….you’ve managed to show the dexterity required for the work. I also like the words….which are fitting for this holiday. My wishes on this Labor Day are that many more folks will be able to find gainful employment in the coming year. I especially like the close up in the second image. Very powerful

  7. Snap-Smith-so behind.sorry I can't catch up with m says:

    Hi Mike! These two photos are great expressions for Labor Day. I especially like the second one with the fist pounding in action. Hope you’re enjoying your holiday weekend.

  8. Pierrick M says:

    Nice words and captures!!
    In our nowadays world more and more virtual and based on speculation is good to see real things based on real work and hability.

  9. Child of the King Photography says:

    I like both shots but especially the second one…so much action captured!!
    Using Photoshop mostly now!

  10. ArteZoe says:

    Good one for today! what hot work that must be. love the quote. but I really love the close up of the hammer, and how you combined takes. it really gets the intensity of the work, and is certainly a parable image for God’s work in our lives.

  11. pmsswim says:

    some wonderful work, my friend.
    like the close up & sparks a flying!
    (seen in my contacts’ photos)

  12. petalpusher61 says:

    Nicely done!

  13. rosy outlook photography says:

    excellent shot (the feature, the second one is not showing)
    also very apropos for Labor Day – hope yours was relaxing!

  14. Mike_tn says:

    [] I reuploaded it above this one.

  15. tckraus says:

    Nice exposure! A great image for Labor Day. Hope you had a good one! I love labor day, my youngest son was born on Labor Day. How appropriate is that? ha.

  16. Mike_tn says:

    [] Too good! = "my youngest son was born on Labor Day"

  17. Mike_tn says:

    Update: What people here call the "second one" is now the first one because I had to reupload it. They mean this;
    clickable photo
    Crushing Fire

  18. † David Gunter says:

    I love it - animated gif

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