Antoinette 02

Antoinette 02
Image by Robert Bejil Photography

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9 Responses to Antoinette 02

  1. Illusive Photography says:

    Very nice symmetry and reflection.

  2. Robert Bejil Photography says:

    thanks buddy! Yeah I freakin’ loved that floor!

  3. Richard Cowdrey says:

    Great photo, I really love the reflection in this one
    I love everything about it, from the bars on the wall
    to the tattoo on her foot
    This is an Instant Favourite
    and IMO This is the best one from this set

  4. Kelly Marie Photography :) says:

    just beautiful

  5. GrayHearts&FineLines says:

    Yeah, this one is amazing. The reflection, the pose. Love it all.

  6. Robert Bejil Photography says:

    [] Thank you so much for the comment! Very much appreciated!

    [] Thank you! 🙂

    [] Thanks!!! I was totally in love with that floor LOL!

  7. cirrouncino says:

    bella !

    Seen at the group:

  8. Andrew'sGang says:

    whoa, crazy pose!

  9. H-Flores says:

    Beautiful shot. Love the reflection…..

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