Ambulance training exercise, 1923

Ambulance training exercise, 1923
Image by State Records NSW
Civil Ambulance and Transport Brigade service vehicle – training exercise
Dated: 1923
Digital ID: 17420_a014_a014000146

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  1. lunchbox76 says:

    But where is it? That window with the circular insert should give it away.

  2. State Records NSW says:

    [] This was all the info that came with the photo. If you find the location please let us know!

  3. sv1ambo says:

    I am sure this group would love this photo added

  4. sv1ambo says:

    This ambulance was actually operated by the Civil Ambulance & Transport Brigade, formed in 1895 and the fore runner to today’s Ambulance Service of NSW.
    Also notice the NSW Ambulance Transport Service Board cross on the side of the car, as well as the original CATB cross. THE NSWATSB took control of ambulance services in NSW after 1919.

  5. State Records NSW says:

    [] Thanks for adding this background info; we’ll update our caption.

  6. john cowper says:

    Former Chairman of the Central District Ambulance Service and Treasurer of NSW Ambulance Service Board, the late Clement Deeth, in his book "The Ambulance Service of Sydney" (published in August 1986) notes that "Lettering on Ambulance Vehicles and stationery was changed in November [1920] in conjunction with the Board’s circular insignia." (Page 38)

    The Ambulance Transport Service Act, 1919, No 5 received assent on 10 November 1919 and the Service’s insignia was actually specified in this Act which also established the NSWATB. The insignia has been used with only minor variations since in red – although vehicles today (2011) I notice display the roundel in red, gold and blue.

    As for the location of the shot, the assumption had been made (during my time with the Service) that the shot had been taken in conjunction with the NSW tramway authorities and the location was the small tramway yard/depot once located in Bridge Street, Sydney

  7. sv1ambo says:

    Interesting stuff John. It’s true the insignia has changed very little. The only real changes have been the changes of name, from New South Wales Ambulance Transport Serivce Board 1919-1972, then the New South Wales Ambulance Service and now the Ambulance Service of NSW. And the addition of the blue to the outer circle.
    New South Wales Ambulance Transport Service Board emblem
    door cross

  8. john cowper says:

    There was a period between 1972 and 1976 when the insignia read "New South Ambulance Board" – to comply with the 1972 Act. This changed in 1976 to "New South Wales Ambulance Service" at the time the NSW Health Commission assumed responsibility. Upon enactment of the 1990 Act and the re-appointment of the Ambulance Service Board the insignia was altered to read "Ambulance Service of New South Wales". I will post the variations of the insignia and various nameplates on the Flickr Ambulance Service of NSW Group later in the day.

    I have also done some more research on the location of the photo in the shot which I will post here later.

  9. john cowper says:

    Re the Bridge Street yard:

    Gifford Eardley in his four-part series "In and around Sydney with the Steam Tram" (undated) – published by the NSW Steam Tram and Railway Preservation Society – has this description of the Bridge Street yard.

    "The land was an irregular shape bounded on the east by Macquarie-street, on the south by Bridge-street and the Treasury building, on the west by Phillip-street, and on the north by the Water Police Court and was used as the terminal for all City steam trams …. in 1905 the last regular steam service from Bridge-street yard was withdrawn … the latter was used intermittently until 1910, when all steam services were withdrawn from the City area. For some years afterwards, the yard was used as a storage depot for electric trams, but was closed in 1933, and the transport building stands today on the old site."

    (The Hotel School Sydney and the Intercontinental Hotel stand on the site in 2011)

    It seems reasonable that the site would have been chosen for a promotional picture to be taken as by the 1920s the yard was used only for storage and parking of out of service electric trams.



  10. roverp4driver says:

    The Ambulance seems to be built on a Minerva chassis of circa 1910.

  11. john cowper says:

    [] The ambulance would appear to be Sydney’s first motor ambulance, which was donated to the Ambulance Corps by Mr Anthony Hordern on 27 May 1912. Yes, you’re right the minutes record that the vehicle was built on a Minerva chassis. Sydney’s second ambulance, built on a 15/20 hp Armstrong-Whitworth chassis was received on 21 June 1913. Ambulance No 2 had a body that was constructed to be as near as possible as to resemble to Ambulance No 1. (Source: The Ambulance Service of Sydney 1894-1976 – Clement Deeth, former Chairman, Central District, NSW Ambualnce Service)

  12. State Records NSW says:

    [] Interesting stuff! Thanks for the extra information.

  13. lezbo3 says:

    Really great photo, thank you for showing! Here are some interesting ambulance vehicles:-

  14. halifaxlight says:

    such an interesting image, thanks for sharing

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