Abstract Tower

Abstract Tower
Image by Referenceace–Switching Gears
Another shot from the series taken atop Carew Tower.

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13 Responses to Abstract Tower

  1. Susan Licht says:

    Fantastic shot! Wonderful mix of light, shadow and pattern!

  2. sharon'soutlook says:

    Great shot.

  3. lefotodidonato says:

    bella foto

  4. Astrid1949 says:

    Very beautiful!

  5. blichb says:

    super nice

  6. Damon Finlay says:

    Really good abstract shot!

  7. ken_davis says:

    A striking pattern picture, well framed.

  8. *ian* says:


  9. urbana_fotografica says:

    nice abstract

  10. Carmella-and-Pete says:

    Wonderfully varied photostream and treatments…….Love it!!

  11. NikonStone (on and off) says:

    Cool lines and pattern. Love the yellow elements.

  12. Bruce Wunderlich says:

    very cool

  13. Ric Seet (Away from home) says:

    Beautiful captured

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