A Rapier Missile System During London Olympics Security Exercise

A Rapier Missile System During London Olympics Security Exercise
Image by Defence Images
A Rapier FSC Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) system at Blackheath, London on 2 May 2012.

The Rapier is one of six GBAD systems being placed around London as part of Exercise Olympic Guardian. This major military and civilian exercise is taking place to help make the London 2012 Olympic Games as safe and secure as possible. It will see a wide range of capabilities rehearsed in a deliberate and orchestrated manner over a nine-day period.

Rapier, and the smaller Starstreak system, may be deployed for the Games as part of the Air Security Plan, which aims to secure the Olympics from an airborne attack. It is just one aspect of a multi-layered plan that includes RAF Typhoon interceptor aircraft, military helicopters carrying RAF Regiment snipers, and a range of radars and sensors based around the UK. While the missiles may be the most noticeable aspect of Rapier and Starstreak, their primary role will be to use their detection capabilities to provide an additional ability to identify unauthorised aircraft in the restricted airspace around London.Photographer: Richard Watt
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