A morning at marina…

A morning at marina…
Image by VinothChandar
Clicked at Marina Beach, Chennai

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Have A Great Weekend!!!

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50 Responses to A morning at marina…

  1. alfonso-tm says:


  2. .Dani Designs. says:

    hi =)
    a photograph really nice
    this added to my friends, add me ^ ^


    Beautiful sunrise capture!

  4. PeteHuu says:

    wow, stunning beauty moment at beach Vinoth, dreamy light, fantastic colors

  5. istar-famiredo says:

    Great sunrise !!! i love it !!

  6. Mayank Parmar. says:

    beautiful!!! 🙂

  7. ratulm says:

    Wonderful sunrise shot Vinoth. I was there last year in Chennai and was lucky to catch atleat one from the Marina beach.

  8. ineedathis says:

    Fascinating colors, gorgeous image!
    have a great weekend.

  9. Koshyk says:

    Another glorious sunset!

  10. Pagan Eyes says:

    lovely scene.

  11. Raghu Madanagopal says:

    sema tones

  12. _SG_ says:

    wonderful capture

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  13. sungsooleephoto says:
  14. LĂ©o Jordan says:

    cor linda *-*

  15. aimeeern says:

    beautiful sunrise!

  16. Photo Amy says:

    Oh, this is one of your best. Great composition and exposure.

  17. A@die says:

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  18. lambertwm says:

    I wonder if a more rectangular crop wouldn’t be stronger.

  19. Ron Hanko says:

    Beautiful morning, beautiful photo.

  20. anshu_si says:

    beautiful sunrise

  21. Amanda Espa says:

    Love itttttttt!!

  22. maribhar says:

    Beautiful shot

  23. Suresh ram - Back & catching up says:

    Gorgeous shot… Guys on the beach is what makes lil more special…

  24. Nomis. says:

    Very good

  25. Steve-h says:

    gorgeous capture !!

  26. puting bagwis says:

    this is so gorgeous!

  27. gazpic says:

    Beautiful !

  28. Anoop Negi says:


    Seen in my contacts’ photos. ( ?² )

  29. *Lokesh* says:

    Too good shot!!

  30. larigan. says:

    Beautiful light and silhouettes!

  31. * Yumi * says:

    Beautiful sunset and wonderful composition

  32. Ollie Smalley Photography (OSP) says:

    Awesome light!

  33. GIO_CRIS says:

    Wow …. really nice photo with the right tones and colors. Ciao

  34. maylee00 says:


  35. chris90cope(Brenda) says:


  36. JavierAndrés says:

    amazing colors and compo!!

    Visit my gallery if you want.

  37. Ragna K says:

    Very beautiful photo!

  38. soybuscador says:

    great great photol

    I like it very much. Best regards!

  39. SandyK29 says:

    Very beautiful!

  40. prabhakaran.s says:

    fantastic click Vinoth!!


    Magnifique capture !!

  42. yadhavan.c says:

    Beautiful silhouette ……… Splendid image !!

  43. quader™ says:

    nice shot!

  44. rbernal68 says:

    Vaya tonos preciosos. Un atardecer tremendamente atractivo…

  45. Pierre Thach [0938188861] says:

    wow……………….very very very beautiful…………….i so like it

  46. I-Like-Green-Grass says:

    Lovely tones.

  47. Rolf Piepenbring says:

    A heavenly sight. An atmosphere like paradise.

  48. manwar2010 says:

    great shot.

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